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Welcome to my wedding lounge.
A special place created just for you, so you can learn everything you need to know about Brooke Beasley Photography.  A fun peek at what your engagement session will look like, a sample wedding timeline, checklists for wedding photos, vendor lists, and so much more. My hope is with this guide you will feel prepared and confident with the entire photography side of your big day!  One thing off that crazy overloaded plate of wedding planning, cause I'm sure it's more than full, right?! And of course if you have any questions when browsing through, feel free to contact me! I'm here to help!

i can't wait
to capture
your special day!

i can't wait
to capture your special day!

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A little paragraph here about clothing options, what works well, what doesn't ...etc.  Maybe recommend woman picking outfit first, and then have man compliment one of her accent colors, etc... Just some tidbits that will help the couple decide what to wear and how to accessorize, don't forget to mention shoes, jewelry, and hair + makeup as well.

Still struggling or want some visual inspiration?
Check out the pinterest board I created just for engagement outfit ideas! 


what to wear


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A little paragraph here for your clients about locations. How to pick one, how you'll help choose one that is great for them, what they should look for in a location, and what they shouldn't stress about in a location too! 

Just keep it simple, let them know how you'll get to know them a little before to help pick this spot, etc...

And then touch on when you recommend doing their engagement session, like how soon before the wedding.

when + where


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Something like ... I know you're saving space for those wedding photos, but this session is magical too! They are great to look back on to see how you were as a couple in a more natural everyday setting, and even better they are perfect for Save The Date cards!  These images also make gorgeous albums to use a guest book at your wedding!

Lots of great printing options here, so don't forget to make a special place in your home where these photos can live too! 

let's print!


Such a fun one! I love these sessions because I really get a chance to get to know you as a couple, maybe learn that cute little thing only you guys do, etc... and this allows me to not only also fall in love with you, but capture your relationship in a more personal way as well.  And this goes both ways too! I want you to feel like I'm a friend as well, this will help us all be more comfortable working together on your big day! And when that friendship is there, magic happens.



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pre-wedding forms

This would be a great paragraph to tell your clients a little about what happens before the wedding, the timeline of when you want things done, how you want them done, how you will communicate with each other, things like that. Just kind of outlining what you expect from them, and what they should expect from you leading up to the wedding day.

your big day


your getaway

reception events
2-3 hrs

romance couple session
20 min

cocktail hour
40 min

40 min

bridal party + family photos
40 min

guys' portraits
20 min

girls' portraits
20 min

the first look
10 min

detail photos
20 min

girls getting ready
40 min

guys getting ready
20 min

This is just a guide.
Go through it, and let me know what is important to you, and we will adjust to fit your perfect day!
Average coverage is 6-8 hours

wedding day
photo timeline


Detail photos make a gorgeous way to remember all the small little things that went into your special day. Here is a small list of things to remember to bring and set aside for your photographer to make these shots pop!

Veil  //  Hair accessories  //  Dress Hanger  //  Shoes  //  Rings + Ring Boxes  //  Perfume  //  Jewelry  //  Invitation Suite (with envelopes)  //  Any other stationary (like program)  //  Vows or Vow Book  //  Some clippings from florist  //  Any sentimental pieces 

Shoes  //  Cufflinks  //  Socks  //  Tie or BowTie  //  Watch  //  Ring + Ring Box  //  Vows or Vow Book  //  Special love notes  //  Pocket Square  //  Boutonniere  //   Any sentimental pieces 



   The couple
   Immediate Families
   Groom + Groomsmen
   Bride + Bridesmaids
   Grandparents with couple

   The whole reception space
   Tabletop details
   First dance
   Special dances
   Couple at head table
   Cake cutting
   Grand exit

   The Bride
   The dress
   Bride with Mother
   The Groom
   Groomsmen toasting

   Dress reveal to Bridesmaids
   With Fiance
   With Dad

   Exchanging vows
   First kiss
   Pull back shot of entire setup
   Recessional down the isle

This is just a basic list to get you going. Please take some time to create your own, so that I know what is most important to you. You can find great ideas on sites like pinterest, or ask friends and family what their favorite wedding photos are to get a unique perspective, especially older couples all these years later.

a list to get you started

I'm as excited as you are!

One last paragraph here about anything else you want to emphasize as their photographer. 

Can be some general notes, or another thing that's important to you, something that always helps the day go smoothly, tips for the couple to be, etc... Anything you want really.  I would suggest trying to make it about as long as the paragraph to left for the desktop version, so that it is visually pleasing for the visitor.  And then leave just enough for a parting sentence.

anything else to add

Talk about the benefits of an unplugged wedding here. Why you love them, why your brides love them, etc...

If you are really for them, dive deep into that why and really portray to your bride the emotion behind that too, it will help her see the benefits if you're coming from an honest place and explain yourself well.  Good luck! 

Here try and fill in this whole space as well, keep these three sections about the same length, add some descriptive wording to help.

unplugged for the win

A little paragraph here about why it's important. Talk about the raw personal emotion they won't hold back when they are alone, how they can take this one little moment in the full day/night to really enjoy each other and soak it all in together, and about how gorgeous these images turn out, not just photographically sound (because you can control the lighting so much better than in a reception hall) but also how impactful they are emotionally. Maybe even a warning that you'll probably tear up, of course brides would love to hear that their love would bring people to tears!

consider the first look



wedding album


This would be a great place to show your clients what an album would look like, and explain why they should think about getting one. Replace the image here with one of your albums, or maybe the many album cover options even, or link out to a wedding album page, something like that.

Mention a few add-ons they might enjoy as well, and dive into the best reasons to print digital photos.  

Pull on those heart strings a tad, you got this.

i look forward to working with you